How To Use Lipa Na Mpesa

Lipa na M-PESA is a new cashless payment system being advanced by Safaricom through its mobile wallet cash transfer system M-Pesa.

Lipa na m-pesa works at any outlet where you find the lipa na m-pesa stickers.
For you to use the service you need to be a registered mpesa user and have money in you mpesa account.

to use the service go to the sim toolkit.
click on mpesa..scroll down to lipa na M-PESA(English menu) or Huduma za malipo (Swahili menu)

choose buy will be prompted to enter the pay bill number(six-digit number on the lipa na m-pesa sticker at the vendor). After this, enter the amount you need to pay and finish the transaction. You will receive a confirmation via SMS indicating the business name, the amount paid and your mpesa balance.

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