How to Get Market for Your Farm Produce

Farming or Agri-business is slowly picking up momentum in Kenya and East Africa in general. Marketing of agricultural produce has been one of the major challenge in those venturing in the farming business.

Technology however is changing how farmers are interacting with buyers of their produce. Mobile apps and websites have taken up the place of the old market place. This works well also to curb middlemen thus ensuring farmers get the best price for their crops.

The links listed below will help you get the best price for your farm produce

  • Soko freshi

Soko Freshi works though the phone USSD and serves both buyers and sellers .

How to register as a seller on Soko Freshi

You need to register to the service by dialing *415*22# . It will cost you KES 100 to activate your account  via lipa na Mpesa Till no. 979041 monthly. You have the option of selling more than one produce once you create the account . To add more produce to your account, dial *415*22# choose  seller, and add more products.

How to register as a buyer on Soko Freshi
If you are looking to buy any agricultural product, you register as a buyer by dialing *415*22#, select the produce then you will automatically get the contacts of the sellers of that produce. This service is free for buyers.

  • Mkulima young

Mkulima Young is a free web based resource that allows farmers to post their produce in search of potential buyers.

  • SokoPepe

Sokopepe is a social enterprise supporting the agricultural sector in Kenya by offering market information and farm records management services

  • Mfarm

MFarm empowers farmers by providing up-to-date market prices via an app or SMS. It also connects farmers with buyers directly, cutting out the middlemen

  • Farmis

FARMIS is the easy way to manage your agricultural business online allowing you to quickly evaluate your income and expenses.

If you are a farmer, trader, producer, farmer group or organization FARMIS helps you create and maintain all your records in one place. It also provides you interactive reports at the click of a button. Getting started with using Farmis is easy! Simply follow the following steps

Nafis helps in getting the average market price for your produce. This should be the first resource a digital  farmer should go to.

Nafis  provides prices for nearly all the major towns in Kenya on a daily basis .Although it doesn’t directly link you to the buyers , the information gathered here will help you determine the prices you will expect to sale.

The information from Nafis can be accessed via their website or by calling the number 020-5008890 or 020-5008890

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