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How to Add Dependants to Your NHIF Card

Adding your Spouse and children to your NHIF card.

Do you know N.H.I.F. Kenya, is the only medical insurance cover in Kenya that allows the principal member to add dependants to their cover at no extra cost? To add your spouse or children to your NHIF card visit the nearest NHIF branch office or any Huduma centre. The process is short and only takes a few minutes

What You Need.

  1. Copy of your ID
  2. Copy of your spouse’s ID,
  3. Photocopy of your marriage certificate or a sworn affidavit from the magistrates’ court.
  4. For children, you need a copy of their birth certificate
  5. Birth notification for children below 6 months
  6. Coloured passport size photo for all dependants

How to Add Dependants to Your  NHIF Card

  1. Fill out the NHIF form number 26(APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT/UPDATES. You can download it here. Or you can ask for the form at the NHIF office or Huduma center
  2. Part 1.e Be sure to state the changes you need, in this case, the addition of dependant to NHIF.
  3. Attach copies of the documents required
  4. Hand over these documents to the relevant officer in either place and you are done.
  5. The addition should be effective as soon as the NHIF officer has done the data entry.

How to change or amend the name of your Spouse at NHIF.

NHIF also allows members to amend or change the name of their spouses. The reasons for change could be divorce, death or Name change due to marriage.

What You Need. 

  • Copies of I.D for Member and spouse
  • Either marriage certificate/Affidavit from the courts OR Death /Divorce Certificate.

The Procedure

  1. Fill out form 26
  2. Part 1.e Indicate the required change
  3. Attach the relevant documents.
  4. Present the document to the relevant NHIF officer for data entry.
  5. The changes should appear once the data entry has been done.


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15 thoughts on “How to Add Dependants to Your NHIF Card

  • Can I add my son who is 21 yr old?

    • NHIF admits dependants below 18 years or if you can proof that he is still a student.

  • nelson andati

    can i do it online ?

  • Emmanuel Angore

    I haven’t been paying for a year,how should I now pay to be covered?

  • francisca

    i want to add my hubby as a dependant.can i do it online?thanks

    • How can I add my son to NHIF online?

      • Emmanuel Angore

        I haven’t been paying for a year,how should I now pay to be covered?

      • Gladys musyimi

        I want to add my son

  • Mohammed M. Suleiman

    I have filled the form to change the souse and gave the sworn affidavit plus photocopy of ID and a passport photo now two months nothing has changed

    • It’s best if you visit that particular office where you submitted your docs and ask

  • Terry kamau

    I would like to add my parents to my NHIF cover, what’s the procedure

  • Hezekia Maraga Kemuma

    I married this year my wife has a child who i have adapted,so far i don’t have notifications/birthcertificate how would I add this child to my Nhif

  • Thuita Ngugi

    How do you become a supacover member and what are the contributions and benefits?

  • Ashford Kimathi Mburugu

    Thanks for your good work.
    I want to add my daughter to the cover. She is 22years old and a student at a local university. What can I do.

    • You will need to download and print the form at

      Part I and part II: Be sure to state the changes you need, in this case addition of dependent to NHIF. Attach copies of the documents like birth certificate and her photo. Please note that the NHIF officer may need evidence to show that your daughter is still in college as anyone above 18 years should have her own NHIF account.


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