kiriri women university of science and technology

Welcome to Kiriri Women’s University of Science and Technology (KWUST). KWUST is a non-state funded secular women’s university operating under authority from the Government of Kenya, the only one of its kind in Eastern and Southern Africa.

The university seeks to expand opportunities for higher education in the scientific and technological fields to women in Kenya and the rest of the world in an environment that will promote the full and holistic development of the individual as a responsible member of the community through academic pursuit and the promotion of self-discipline. Our mission is to educate and train individuals in the search for truth and knowledge through scientific methods.

The KWUST graduates will be expected to have acquired unique qualities for leadership and scientific enterprise. They should not only excel in the sciences but also posses the ability to apply their knowledge to practical problems and issues in their societies.

Product Research and Development Centres are being established as real-life environments to which the academic staff and students can relate. The graduates from the university are then able to adapt to practical issues before they enter the work scene.

At KWUST we aim to uphold, maintain and strengthen the knowledge base supported by human values, understanding and co-operation through provision of quality education.

The University admits students for the degree programmes in May and October  each academic year.

The University is currently located at Pamtech House in Westlands and Kasarani Main Campus. The campus consists of fully stocked library, a computer laboratory, physics laboratory and general classrooms in addition to the administration offices.

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