How to Start a Business with Minimal Cash

Start and grow a businessMost of us dream of starting a business but it only ends there. Ask many they will tell you they don’t have capital. A lot of people think capital is what they need to kick of that business. More often than not you need the will to begin more than you need capital. Good businesses begin with very small capital and then build on that going forward.  You can comfortably start a business with minimal capital or no capital at all if you have the right mix of skills. Proper work ethics and good customer service will take you a long way than bundles of cash.

Let’s looks at some of the businesses that require near zero capital to begin. Most of these businesses will be service based. Its bet to choose start a business in a filed you have experience in, this way you minimize the need to depend on external factors to start and grow your business.

  1. Hair dressing

As high as 70% of Kenyan ladies have had a shot in this business. Remember the many time you made your sisters hair that rainy sunny afternoon in the village. Well you could use that same technique but modernize it to stitching weaves fixing wigs and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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  1. Start an Insurance Agency

Most guys won’t let you know this, but have you seen how many cars are on the road. Do you know they all need insurance and there is someone being paid commission on them. You can make a cool 10% on the premium of the vehicle. To register an insurance agency fully you need to have done the COP exams but you can still sale insurance while pursuing the cause. What you need to do is find an insurance company you want to work with and one that is respected by most people. Visit them and let them know you are interested in being their agent.

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  1. “Invent” something

Well this is really the best of businesses, making something that has not been made by anyone else. You will be the sole manufacturer of that item. Given that most of the things you will think of are already made the best way to approach this is to look at the market you are in comparison with other markets copy something and localize it. Here thing about starting your own clothline. Designing your own perfume and things like those. You really do not need to reinvent the wheel. Just think outside the box to solve a local need.

Sometime back I saw a young man in Kisumu on the news making paper from water hyacinth. Such ‘innovations’ can propel you to business greatness.

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  1. Be a musician

Churn out your own ballad like “unajua” by Gilad or something energetic like “butterfly” by Nameless. Music royalties earn you money perpetually. If you do your marketing well and find a good producer you will be well on your way with even one hit single.

  1. Photography

The most expensive item in the photography business is the camera. If you master some savings and buy that one thing you really need then the rest is up to you. If this was your hobby you will be amazed at the opportunity you have been sleeping on when you turn professional. Start to build contacts and as the jobs start streaming in then it’s time to put together a team that will help you through the journey.

  1. Be a Makeup Artist

Personal beauty has been and will always be a big business. If you don’t think so check out your local saloon on how many beauty products are on their shelves? You will find many and from so many different companies, this just goes to say people are consuming this items and you will be part of the big business if you are the one helping them consume those products. The entertainment industry in Kenya is growing and this is a good boon for the make-up artistry business. Artists need to look good when they step out, meaning there is huge potential for anyone who works to make them look good.

  1. Be an Artist or Painter

Most painters I know do it as a hobby, little do they know that they can turn their hobby into a very lucrative venture. Go on and paint the world and allow others to view it through your eyes. Do portraits of your friends and relatives and let them give something in exchange. This allows you time to perfect your skills as well as create a network. Friends and relatives should produce good referrals if they decide to support you in your venture.

  1. Setup an online store

There are plenty of sites that allow you to set up online shops in Kenya now. Facebook, OLX, PigiaMe, Kilimall, and Jumia these are just but a few of the many places you can set up your online shop. These services provide a very rich marketing platform and a wider client coverage, they also cut the need for you to do a website or online advertise.


There are plenty of business opportunities out here, just think along these lines and you will be amazed at how much you can make from such simple business ideas. If you decide to produce goods. You need to taste the market. Open air stalls provide a good avenue to get your goods out there. Thrift social or Nairobi fashion market are just but some of the places you can start from.

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