How To Insert an eMail Signature on Yahoo


Appending signature on your email is a great marketing tool and a sign of professionalism in communication. A well designed signature can help convey important information as an addition to your original message.

You can politely let people know you are selling a particular service or goods that they may be interested in. Yahoo mail allows its users to append a signature on their email and benefit from the power of email signatures.

What you need

  • You need to be a yahoo user
  • Have all the details you want conveyed in the signature –Post office box, phone number, Office location, opening hours , what you sale etc

The procedure

  1. Sign into yahoo mail at
  2. On the right hand side corner click on the settings icon
  3. Scroll down to settings the second item on the list
  4. On the left side of the page that pop up click on writing email
  5. Another page opens, at the bottom of that page there is a note click on the accounts link highlighted in light blue
  6. “Note: To edit your signature, go to Accounts and choose the email account you would like to modify.”
  7. The next page that opens has your email address click on it
  8. Scroll down to the signature text box and write what you want to appear at the bottom of every email you send

Advantages of a well-designed email signature

  1. A nice email signature portrays your willingness to communicate.
  2. A well designed email signature conveys professionalism via your emails.
  3. An email signature is a promotional tool for a business, a website/blog, a book, or a social cause.
  4. A good email signature with the appropriate information is your short-biography.
  5. An email signature acts as a business card or a social networking tool. It gives your location, phone number etc


You Too Can Benefit From The Power Of Email Signatures

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